OUr story

Launched in late 2018 @ ASOS marketplace. with idea to bring latest Korean/Asian inspired streetwear for people who like unusual non mass produced highstreet clothing.

First we were thinking to import everything to Europe and ship from England but eventually this model became unsustainable, we had too much of stock everywhere & decision was made to ship items direct from China.

OUR shop now is made to order , meaning once you place order we contact factory direct to make a piece for you. This way we hope to decrease waste  of clothing and trashing mother earth with unwanted items. Same time we can offer you wider variety of clothes as no need to produce bulk of same stock.

We test clothing quality regularly by visiting suppliers few times a year and by importing samples and then having them photographed and sold at ASOS and DEPOP.  You are buying from a small independent online shop, not a multi billion corporation. We care about every customer and happy to advice upon anytime , or even have a random chat ! 

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